April 28, 2018

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Oozing charisma, charm and natural beauty, Kassee Bulen, leads by example by volunteering in and out of the political world here in Nevada. From helping candidates running for office and serving on GOP committees to helping cancer victims at the American Cancer Society, Kassee serves others without seeking compensation or public accolades.

Kassee Bulen, maybe a new comer to Nevada politics but she has politics literally in her blood. To understand Kassee one must understand her deep political roots as the daughter to one the greatest political minds in the Republican Party, her father, L. Keith Bulen.

Lawrence Keith Bulen, better known in Indiana Politics as L. Keith Bulen, was a Indiana State House Representative, with the ear of several Presidents who counted him and his wisdom. From Nixon and Ford to Reagan and to Bush, Bulen was the go to guy for organization and leadership.

In 1966, L. Keith Bulen and three others helped to overthrow the Republican establishment in Marion County. He proposed a new way of doing things and won.

Bulen joined the Reagan effort as a close ally, coordinating the successful Reagan Indiana presidential campaign primaries in 1976 and 1980. He served as deputy chairman of the national “Reagan for President” Committee from 1979–80 and coordinated the 1980 presidential campaign in 17 eastern states. Bulen developed such a tough campaign reputation that Reagan’s staff posted a sign at his victory party that read “Will Rogers never met Keith Bulen”.

Following the Reagan administration, Bulen remained active in both Indiana and national politics. He served as a senior advisor to President Bush’s 1988 campaign. In 1990 he returned to the Indiana House of Representatives and was re-elected again in 1992. He passed away in 1999.

Kassee Bulen is a rising star in Nevada politics, even if she doesn’t like to acknowledge it. Kassee knows how to work with people from all sides of the GOP political spectrum making her a unique future leader capable of building bridges where once political battle fields existed. Kassee serves our community to honor her father’s memory and we are all better off for it. We honor Kassee Bulen in this section of Spirit of Service who’s commitment to volunteering is an example for us all.

source for story: Wikepedia

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