July 7, 2018

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Following 360 News Las Vegas’s airing of our Battle Field Nevada episode with Candidate for Public Administrator, Aaron Manfredi, we were contacted by a girlfriend who dated him in 2012 while he was under indictment for sexual misconduct with a prisoner/minor. Her story sheds new light on the numerous allegations against Aaron Manfredi and perhaps establishes a clear pattern of behavior.

Suzie said she met Manfredi on Match in 2012 and started dating him shortly thereafter unaware at first of his ongoing criminal indictment. Suzie broke up with Manfredi in late 2012 and since then she has been in a 3 year relationship. Suzie has not received any compensation for this interview from anyone and has no pending lawsuit against Manfredi. Suzie told us that when she saw Manfredi was running for office she felt compelled to speak out. Suzie said “That man does not belong in public office or near any young person.” According to Suzie, Manfredi stalked her for two years following her break up in 2012. Suzie refused to come on the air with 360 fearing for her safety.

In 2012, Manfredi was under criminal indictment for having sex with a 16 year old pregnant female inmate while he was a corrections officer in 2009. The case had not settled yet as of 2012 when Suzie entered the picture. But according to Suzie, when she did learn about his pending charges, she confronted him about them and Manfredi responded “There were no video cameras in the laundry room so they don’t have a case.” According to Suzie, he did not deny the sexual misconduct.

According to a Metro Detective, Manfredi took the 16 year old female inmate to the laundry room even tho juvenile inmates are not allowed there. She accurately described the laundry room and also accurately described Manfredi’s penis. According to reports, Manfredi plead guilty in 2012 to conspiracy to commit coercion, a Gross Misdemeanor. Later he was allowed to withdraw that plea and enter a plea for disorderly conduct.

Another another very troubling incident, Suzie described that when she and Manfredi had sex, he would simulate sex with prisoners with her by holding her hands behind her back while having sex and looking at himself in the mirror.

The final straw for Suzie came in 2012 at a birthday dinner for Manfredi where, according to Suzie, Manfredi grabbed her by the throat and said “Hey guys, do you ever have your bitch choke herself out on your hands like this?” in front of all the guests, in an effort to be funny. Suzie stormed out right then and there and refused to see him ever again. A few years later, in 2015 Manfredi was accused by a new girl of Domestic Violence with strangulation. That case went to trial and he was found not guilty when his roommate testified on his behalf.

But Manfredi still makes efforts to contact her from time to time. Suzie provided 360 News with a Facebook messenger screen shot in which Manfredi asked Suzie to join him and another girl at a swinger’s party on October 14, 2017 some 5 years after she broke off their relationship.

According to Suzie, Manfredi would shock her from time to time with sexually obscene comments. This wasn’t the only woman who this happened to. I actually witnessed Manfredi say he just had sex with a woman in a camping trailer in a parking lot when I approached him to talk about his campaign for the very first time. The woman was clearly horrified by his comments.

Republican candidates for Clark County Public Administrator Aaron Manfredi and Thomas Fougere are fighting out a 2nd election after the first election held on June 12, 2018 was not certificated because allegedly numerous people voted twice. So now a re-vote is being held using mail in ballots to all 56,000 voters. The ballots have already gone out to voters and are due back to the Clark County Elections department by July 17, 2018 by 7pm.

At this point several women have claimed Aaron Manfredi grabbed them by the throat, charged him with a sex crime and domestic violence, claimed he said incredibly offensive sexual comments in public and acted like a pig. The voters will get to decide shortly who they want to represent them as Public Administrator, the person handling their deceased loved one’s estates.



The woman in this story spoke to 360 news Las Vegas on condition that her name and picture not be used in the story. She told us that is scared for her safety.

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